радиаторы энерджи





20 Mar 2001 The reason is that the heat-bearing ammonia can39t lose heat fast enough to reach its freezing point before the liquid circulates back inside the warmer confines of the Space Station. If (as a thought experiment) we turned off the pumps and oriented the Station so that the radiator was in the shadow of, say,  File type under ENDF 6. MSU. Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia radiation, the continuous bremsstrahlung spectrum produced by striking a radiator target with an electron beam from an. a thin radiator produces a continuum bremsstrahlung photon spectrum in the forward direction. Since the radiator is very thin  v1.3 DX4000 Firmware Upgrade Utility v3.5.exe. Release Date: 2011-Feb-17. v1.3 DX4000 Firmware Upgrade Utility v3.5 for: DX4000 Series Digital Video Recorder. Keywords: English,Software. File Type: exe. File Size: 272 KB. Download. Share. Copy URL. v1.3 DX4000 AVI IMM4 Codec.zip. Release Date: 2011-Feb-17.